HDPE bottle is made in hdpe blow molding machine.Bottles are used for milk and other liquid products, detergents, shampoos, motor oil, drugs, and cosmetic products.

We provide extrusion blow molding machine from 2 to 6 layers. Volume: 100ml-1250L.

Our technical experts can find the right solution for your process and recycling needs.

hdpe bottle blowing machine

Why choose hdpe plastic to make bottles?

HDPE (high density polyethylene) plastic offers a mildly stiff impact resistant bottle, with a great moisture barrier. The HDPE plastic bottles are available in multiple shapes and sizes. These plastic bottles can be paired with a variety of closure options and come in natural and white HDPE plastic.

Component of HDPE extrusion blow moulding machine


High hardness bimetalic screw for longer lifespan. Good screw and teeth design for better plasticizing effect. Reialble performance of gear box, motor and inverter. Belt wheel speed rate is calculated according to target output Pre-heating with intelligent protection for screw and motor. Screen filter is optional for small or light weight bottles. Reasonable head runner design for color change quickly. Die & core individualized according to your product width. Each cylinder at each side for head lifting smoothly.


For continuous extrusion blow molding machines we adopt axail type horizontal translation clamping unit. The mould open  close and carriage up down are executed with 2 separated hydraulic cylinders. The latens are made with cast iron and CNC processing for enough strength and high precision and parallelism, under strong clamping force taken by mould in balance, the scraps could removed easily. Also we could make nether bent arm central clamping structure as optional for higher action speed and better clamping effect.


Composed of motor, pump, pressure regulating valve block, reversing valve blocks, cylinders and oil chillers. Control platens open and close, carriage up and down, blow pin up and down, special action technics for mould. Optimized hydraulic design to adopt pressure, flow and time 3 factors to control action precision and smoothness. Platen moving cylinders with mechanical shuttle valve to reduce impact force at end position. High stationarity and reliability, accurate operation, long longevity and quick response.

Component of HDPE blow moulding machine


Brand of Wisetech made in Hongkong. True color man machine control interface. Simple but humanized pages easy for operation. 100 point parison thickness controller & profile eddition. Production technics and parameter saving for 20 moulds. Professional engineer setting pages for problem diagnosis. Short-cut key board & emergency stop for safety production. Aluminum cantilever operation box and easy adjustment. Remote technical support & program updating


We adopt 100 point Wisetech parison control, which is made as a separate panel page of total machine control system. The parison curve edition is much easier and intellegent, convenient for operation and easy to update and rectify parison profile to get even thickness. Meanwhile, the installation and adjustment of parison hardware is more simple, to save your time and troubles when you change heads. Parison control working cycle time could be rectified  synchornously according to action time to get precise parison length.


From the perspective of software, our control system has full functions selecting page according to your mould and auxiliary machines’ matching requests. Also we have the top authority to update program to achieve automation demand. On the other hand of hardware, we could design and make connection of your specified assisting machines, to save your production area and simplify working flow. The PLC can be connected to for higher level safety protection to machine, mould and your operators.

Why choose hdpe blow molding machine

Why choose hdpe blow molding machine

HDPE, or high-density polyethylene, is currently attracting growing interest and is being increasingly used by various industries.This is why we provide hdpe bottle molding machine.Our machine can produce a large number of packages with different capacities in a relatively short period of time.

hdpe bottle blowing machine manufacturers advantage

All blowing machines are built from carefully selected components that are highly durable, tough and resistant to mechanical damage such as dents, cracks and deformation. What’s more, much of the process is automatic and requires no operator intervention, making bottle forming faster and more efficient.

Now people have higher and higher requirements on the environment.  New guidance impacting HDPE packaging has been recently approved for inclusion in the APR Design® Guide for Plastics Recycling. This new guidance is shown below and is available for immediate use. There are three sections presented: HDPE base resin; Closures, fitments, liners, and safety seals; and Labels for mixed color HDPE bottles.(Specific data quoted from https://plasticsrecycling.org/hdpe-guidance-table)