How much does extrusion blow Moulding machine cost?

Different prices according to the product’s capacity are also different。
The price of the 0-5L plastic barrel is about ¥19900. This price does not contain molds。
The blow mold machine include :extrusion blow molding machine, molds, auxiliary machines,electric control,parison control,etc.

According to the volume of different products, blow molding machine is divided into small blow molding machine or large blow molding machine, the investment cost is different, the technology is different. If a small blow molding machine is dozens of liters of blow molding equipment, the price is about $100,000. Large bottle blowers ranging from a few hundred liters to tens of thousands of liters can cost more than $80,000.

How much does extrusion blow Moulding machine cost?

So these supporting prices are also uncertain, and different supporting equipment solutions need to be given in combination with different product production processes.
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In addition, our factory can also provide customers with customized molds.
Most blow molding machine manufacturers sell versions in various sizes. The production of larger volume plastic containers would require expensive and large machinery. Purchasing an automated blow molding machine can be cost-effective for manufacturers with large volumes. If you don’t know what configuration of blow molding machine you need, then you can send us an email to tell us your needs. Our experts will provide you with the most detailed quotations and parameters.

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