Plastic drum blow molding machine has different capacity. Our company can provide 10ml to 800ml extrusion blow molding machine.Drum blow moulding machine also can made Chemical drum, Chemical drum is the most common blow molding products in life.

The blow molding machine has Fully automatic and semi-automatic.

We have best series machine.This is hydraulic servo system.The clamping unit is elbow style and the clamping force is more uniform.It is high speed and energy-saving.This machine is suitable for jerry can.It can be also equipped with several die-heads and then to make the small bottles.

The main parts of this machine are designed and manufactured by ourself.We do the independent R&D and inspection.If you have other special requirements,we can provide customized services for you.

plastic drum blow molding machine

Model advantage of plastic drum blow moulding machine

  • 1. The frame of the whole machine is welded with steel parts, which is durable and does not deform, and the design is stable and solid.
  • 2. The machine adopts a sliding translation system, which is convenient for installing the mold and adjusting the alignment between the mold head and the mold.
  • 3. The machine adopts the transmission principle of the geared motor and the lifting accelerator, together with the lifting of the die head and the extrusion system, it can adapt to the height of different molds and the requirements of different blow molding processes.
  • 4. The storage die adopts double envelopes, fast glue pressing, no reverse glue, and more uniform output.

Specification of plastic drum blow moulding machine

Max product volume (L)220L HMWHDPE
Machine weight (T)38
Machine size(m)9.5X4.1X6.5
Screw diameter (mm)120
Length/Diameter ratio30/1
Extrusion motor power (kw)132
Plasticizing capacity (kg/h)320
Head typeaccumulating
Clamping force (KN)1500
Platen size (mm)1200*1300
Platen opening stroke (mm)800-1700
Max mould size (mm)950*1600
Mould thickness (mm)810-950
Total power (kw)308
Average energy consumption (kw)92

Part of blow molding machine

1 layer single diehead, 2 layer double diehead, 2 layer diehead with view stripe by centre feeding of out layer. Trible diehead. 3 layer, 4 layer, 5 layer, 6 layer diehead

Extrusion system:

Hard gear surface decelerator + Japan invertor

Hydraulic system:

Japan hydraulic valve seal and proportional control

Electric system:

Japan PLC interface + PLC temperature control

Part of blow molding machine

Blow Molding Machine Configuration & Description

  • Orderly design all the pipes and wires
  • Lubrication system
  • Hydraulic quick change filter
  • Hydraulic servo control
  • Independent fan cooling for inverter extrusion motor
  • External cooler for hardened gearbox
  • Multi-layers extrusion system
  • Energy saving hydraulic servo system
  • Japanese Mitsubishi PLC controller
  • Automatic lubrication pump
  • High performance inverter
  • Mold pictures
Blow Molding Machine Configuration & Description

Assemblying machine , every process will be inspected by special person ,all work flow according to ISO9001 standard.our blow molding machine is best quality than others , because of our special manufactur process and best material .

If you are plastic drum dealer, you can choose our machine to made plastic drum.

One of the most popular solutions for storing and transporting liquids is certainly the classic blue plastic drum. Industrial plastic drums are one of the most commonly used storing, packaging and transporting solutions. Made from tough rigid plastic, these drums can last for a long time and can be sealed incredibly well. This means that they are often used to transport oils, juices, food flavourings and colourings, sauces and other liquids. Our machine can made different size and color  plastic drum .

plastic drum blow molding machine process flow

There are 5 advantages of plastic barrels made by our machine:

1.our machine can use the high-impact and high-strength original raw material grade, thus realizing  lightest 8.5 kg plastic drum

2.Single-type L ring located only on the top side.

3. Label frame on the top surface

4.Slant opening on the top surface for drainage improvement

5. An indention on the bottom surface for the hands for improved handling

What is it like to order plastic drums blow molding machine from YSD?

For starters, we work together. The colleagues who make the company stand out as leaders in plastic packaging containers work with every customer to deliver the best solution for their needs. A collaborative process finds the best outcomes for you and, of course, your customers and end-users.